Cosgrove is Committed to Using Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

Cosgrove is Committed to Using Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)

Cosgrove is Committed to Using Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), focusing on using 21st-century innovations to deliver top-notch housing solutions to homeowners; while doing all we can to minimize our carbon footprint.

Traditional mixing can be convenient on-site, but it involves a lot of labor and human intervention. Mistakes can be made in preparing the concrete mix, which can affect the building in the long run; but with computerized control of elements per mix, there is consistency in quality and minimal reduction of waste product which also minimizes environmental pollution.

In simple terms, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is a mixture of water, cement, sand, gravel and crushed stones delivered to a construction site ready to use. This is made specifically to fit any construction projects. This is an advanced method of producing concrete and involves the use of technology to achieve high accuracy of the concrete mix.

One of the notable innovations of our times is the growing use of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), popularly referred to as ‘RMC’.

The real estate industry has over the years experienced rapid development. With this development comes innovation.

Casting of slab by using Ready Mix Concrete - RMC

The efficiency in RMC delivery supports Cosgrove’s determination to deliver projects on time and within budget. The RMC process involves transit mixers loaded with concrete in 15-18 minutes, a mixer can carry up to 7 CuM (Cubic Meters) of concrete per trip.

Infrastructure built from ready-mixed concrete has over the years proven to be durable and needs little or no maintenance with smooth edges and non-slip surfaces. RMC can conveniently use mineral admixture, thus improving the long-term waterproof, antifreeze, anti-cracking and abrasion resistance of concrete thereby improving the service life of the building.

With all these benefits mentioned above, we at Cosgrove use RMC in all our projects to deliver quality and durable buildings to all our clients. The homes we deliver have all the structural benefits of RMC, and the homeowners are happy about it!


Ready Mix Concrete - RMCReady Mix Concrete - RMC

Oak 5 bedroom detached duplex available in Wuye, Mabushi, Katampe


This beautiful Future Ready home comes with a master bedroom, four spacious bedrooms, an expansive kitchen, as well as 2 living areas and a private master’s lounge. – all ensuite with high-quality bathroom fittings.


  • Built-up area: 462m2
  • Designated parking for up to 5 cars
  • 1 Maid’s room
  • Fully pre-wired Smart Home Technology (individual owners simply connect or upgrade as preferred)
  • Additional multi-purpose area configurable for a gym, study/home cinema.
  • High-speed broadband fiber optic internet (fibre-to-the-home)
  • Central water heating
  • Central air conditioning (optional)
  •  Central Solar water heating (optional)
  • Elevator (optional)
  • High Tech Security

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