COVID-19 Post Lockdown Update – Cosgrove Africa

COVID-19 Post Lockdown Update – Cosgrove Africa

Dear Valued Customer,

As the entire world takes steps to overcome the pandemic, we at Cosgrove hope you and your loved ones are taking precautions with all seriousness to stay safe.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience during the lockdown and we assure you of our unwavering commitment to deliver on our promise of Smart Homes.

You will agree that COVID-19 is humanity’s current greatest challenge, and everyone is mandated to work together to ensure we beat the pandemic.

Even as the lockdown is being eased in parts of the country, our primary goal is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers. Only essential personnel will be available at our offices between 9 am and 3 pm. We count on your collaboration to mitigate further spread COVID-19 as we begin gradual reopening of our offices.

See below these key areas of collaboration:


Personal protection is of paramount importance as the lockdown is eased. In exegeting this mandate we will enforce:

  • Mandatory Facemasks: In line with what the FGN has announced, everyone coming to Cosgrove sites will be required to wear a facemask. Should you not have a facemask, our team will provide you with a disposable mask.
  • Temperature Checks: We shall enforce temperature checks at all our sites before access to the site is granted. We count on your cooperation when approached for a temperature check.
  • Sanitizers: We shall also provide hand sanitizers for use by all who wish to gain access to the site.
  • HandWashing: We will provide non-contact handwashing points at our construction sites for you to wash your hands upon entry and exit.

Do note that you will be expected to wear face masks, check your temperature, and sanitize your hands every time you wish to enter our sites – not simply in the first instance. We rely on your co-operation in executing our personal protection mandate.


You have probably heard that while the COVID-19 cannot move itself, it is people who move the virus. Therefore, maintaining physical distance (up to 6 feet) from others is the best way in curbing the continued spread of the COVID-19.

Cosgrove is taking steps to ensure physical distancing is possible when you interact with us at our locations. We count on your cooperation to reduce physical contact (handshakes, hugs, touching, etc) to the barest minimum when you visit our locations.

Kindly cooperate with our team when they show you the processes, we have put in place to ensure physical distancing at our locations.


We understand your desire to visit our site(s) and or offices while limited movement is possible in the metropolis. However, to ensure a hitch-free visit and to observe physical distancing guidelines, we ask that you book your visit to our locations in advance.

To this, kindly send a request for a visit at least three hours in advance, to our alternative communication channels (below) and our customer service team will reply within the hour to confirm your site visit.


Also, we encourage you to avail yourselves of our alternative communication channels; this will help exegete the physical distancing guidelines mentioned previously.

Here are the alternative channels available to you;

SMS & WhatsApp & Calls: +234 906 000 1552, +234 906 000 1553

Email: info@cosgrove.com.ng

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @CosgroveAfrica

In addition, you can view progress of work on our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). We regularly update our platforms with site videos, these videos offer a great way for you to keep tabs on your investment. As you know, this is an evolving situation, and we shall play it by the ear in tandem with guidelines from the FGN. But we will provide you with updates should there be material changes to what we have communicated here.

We continue to pray for our continued good health and look forward to the return to normalcy of all our operations. Please, stay safe.


Umar Abdullahi



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