How Cosgrove Smart Home Promote Health And Wellness

How Cosgrove Smart Home Promote Health And Wellness

No doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the smart home industry hard but according to global tech market advisory firm ABI Research, “Germ concern over shared surfaces will help push a near 30% growth in Smart Home voice control.”

Physical and social distancing are supported by smart voice-controlled devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant, they greatly decrease the amount of high-touch surfaces within the home reducing the risk of cross-contamination, as people can communicate with these devices to switch on their televisions, open the front door, and more. We can leverage some of these devices to do their online shopping. This will potentially minimize the impact of the virus as person to person contact and commonly touched surfaces are greatly reduced. According to an ABI Research rep, “Voice control will continue to be the Trojan horse of smart home adoption.”

Additionally, smart doorbells and video cameras can also ensure that face-to-face exposure with people outside of the home is avoided. Smart access control systems support contactless entry and exit nullifying the need for thumbprint scanners or keycards, further decreasing the high-touch surfaces.

Smart thermometers have been used by hospitals to monitor COVID-19 patients to reduce the risks of hospital staff, making use of temperature sensors to provide continuous, real-time monitoring of any changes in body temperature.

Smart homes are built to ease the lifestyle of its homeowners, with devices interconnected across the home. These devices make everyday tasks simpler and positively influence your ability to safely work from home thereby physical distancing.

With smart devices either voice-controlled or controlled via an app on a smartphone, the need for people to be in contact is reduced. Technology innovations are making a difference to fill the gaps COVID-19 has created not just at home but in several sectors especially healthcare.


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